Trust Buckmaster to clear out earwigs


Earwigs are dark reddish-brown, glossy insects with light brown legs that grow up to about 5/8 inch long with pincers at the tips of their abdomen. They generally prefer to live outdoors, but are attracted to lights and often find their way indoors. Once indoors, the smell of food may draw them to the kitchen, though they can be found in any room in your home. Earwigs are nocturnal, so you might not even know they have taken up residence in your home.
Buckmaster Pest Control has the needed industry knowledge and experience to eliminate earwigs, address points of entry, and deliver treatment that prevents future infestations.


  • They are nocturnal (active/feed at night) scavengers.
  • They are attracted to lights.
  • They prefer dark and damp areas.
  • They seek shelter under moist, organic material (mulch, straw, leaf litter, damp newspaper, etc.).
  • Large populations are often found around foundations.
  • They rapidly reproduce.
  • They are fast-moving ground insects, however, some can fly.
  • Their forceps can latch onto skin, leaving a stinging pinch, but they are essentially harmless.


There are many points of entry for earwigs to get into your home, including:

  • Holes in window screens
  • Gaps in door thresholds and window frames
  • Cracks and holes in foundations and floorboards
  • Bad seals around pipes and conduits

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